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SQL Server Monitoring and Diagnostics

Detecta provides a comprehensive subscription based diagnostic monitoring service for your SQL Server environment.
Deep dive into your SQL instance to identify issues, set custom alerts to notify you before problems become issues.

Easy to install, easy to use and delivered with a series of pre-configured alerts, you'll be up and running in minutes!


Just what I have been looking for, a truly fast, detailed easy to use SQL Server Monitoring tool.

NZ Polytechnic

I came across your product at my conference and can now use this to transition the SQL monitoring to other team members.

NZ Central Council

You guys have got a good product, your product definitely does some areas very well.

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Replace your daily check scripts

The Detecta SQL Server monitoring tool replaces the need for custom monitoring scripts. You no longer need to cover the time, effort and associated cost of developing and maintaining your own custom scripts, we take the pain away. Detecta offers a comprehensive solution to the operational monitoring requirements associated with your SQL Server environment, find out more here





Supporting a Range of User Requirements:

As a managed service provider (MSP) offering a wide range of support services to your clients, you don't always have the capacity to develop and maintain a suite of custom scripts to monitor SQL Server environments in your care.

The sys admin role is one of the more complex within any organisation, adding the requirement to support a complex database like SQL Server increases the demands of the role.

How much time do you spend reviewing daily emails and managing your custom scripts? Detecta SQL Server Monitoring tool provides an effective tool for monitoring your SQL Server environments.

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Super fast monitoring!

Detecta is the easiest SQL Server monitoring tool to install. Let the setup wizard have you monitoring your SQL Server environment in 5 minutes!

New Release - Detecta

The team at Detecta are excited to announce the release of our latest version of our Detecta SQL Server, monitoring solution.

The new release offers a number of enhancements including:


Every few months we come across the same situation, a Database Administrator has spent a week writing a custom SQL Server script that would have been displayed in a real time dashboard had Detecta SQL Server monitoring tool been installe

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Costs associated with supporting your SQL Server environment using custom scripts are difficult to quantify, we have provided the ROI calculator to compare the average costs of maintaining and using custom scripts with the costs associated with using Detecta to monitor your SQL environment
*Includes average time associated with Triaging relevant alerts
Enter your parameters below and calculate the return on investment of using Detecta

The dashboard provides a single pane of glass (SPOG) overview of the current state of your monitored environment.

View the number of instances being monitored, number of outstanding alerts, most unstable environment, plus an interactive ticker that provides details of alerts being raised within the environment as they occur.

Out of the box Detecta SQL Server Monitor will generate email alerts based on the notifications that are generated. 

Our new Android and IOS application will allow you to channel alert notifications to your smart device.

Detecta SQL Server monitoring tool offers the ability to customize alert parameters over more than 120 data points.

Alerts associated with a parameter are able to be linked to users, instances and notifications, providing you with full control of the alert engine.

Detecta's SQL Server Monitoring solution allows you to add as many users as you like to your Detecta account.

Detecta's entity tagging system allows users to be grouped. Customised notifications and alerts can be associated with these tags.

In addition to in-depth monitoring of your SQL Server environment, Detecta also provides detailed insights into your underlying server performance

  • Virtual Memory
  • Physical Memory
  • CPU Performance
  • Process Information
  • Volume Performance
  • Network Performance

Detecta offers full Enterprise monitoring for your SQL Server environment while providing the flexibility and scalability that cloud-based solutions are able to offer.

Secured via SSL Detecta offers a robust online monitoring solution for your SQL Server environments.

The Detecta Cloud Based SQL Server monitoring solution offers a secure platform for the monitoring of your SQL Server environments.

Detecta only monitors the SQL Server container (the meta data associated with your instance) and server performance counters, no application data is captured by the tool.

The Detecta team are continually releasing new counters and associated functionality associated with the monitoring of SQL Server environments.

This ensures an organisation can save significant costs associated with the creation and maintenance of custom scripts.

SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups provide an excellent solution for your high availability requirements.

Since the release of basic availability groups in SQL Server 2016 their use is becoming more and more common.

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